Language: A Toxic Relationship

Language. The instrument to which we owe our success. In most any human endeavor Have we depended on this tool. And yet, This is The instrument we have cultivated To successfully Destroy Our capacity for Understanding. An inescapable trap, A contradiction sewn into our Development. Our nature. To witness And to discover the nature of […]

The Self-Aware Dilettante

A Jack of all trades,but a master of None.Soon he’ll hope to learn something from them.Sooner he’ll failPick up one,Forget two.Love another,and lose it.Is it so that to master one tradeis to neglect all others?As most fade with age,perhaps he’ll learn to keep some.It’s best to be a Jack of all trades,and a master of […]

The Ritual

My stomach churns for the sacrifice. It lay before me, Destined for consumption. What is there, More fulfilling than this? It may exist, but I haven’t learned of it yet. My organs cry: “It is trivial, The decision trivial. Probably makes for more harm than good. And I mean, What difference would it make Should […]

When The Power Goes Out

When the power goes out, That’s when we see we are human. We aren’t individuals. We Depend on another part of the whole, Not merely money, To allow us to flush the toilet, To keep food frozen, To keep us warm, Or to keep the lights on. If it weren’t the lights we worried about […]


i don’t see color. i see myself anchored in ego. it will fade. my memory will fade. my manhood will fade. anger always subsides, just as any flame does. and happiness is short-lived too. same as a beer, Relegated to a bottle. same as a joint, Relegated to a roach. same as love, Relegated to […]


Identity, What a shackle. Is it in your skin? Your hair? Your mind? Your DNA? You must hold it. You are required. They say “Let it go, and so too do you loose yourself. Or even worse, your freedom.” What a shame. What a joy.

A Case for Magick

I pride myself in the fact that I am an avid skeptic. This is sort of tragic in a way because I am not alone in this feeling and in my skepticism I tend to overlook important tools and methods that aid in truth-finding. In my diligence I can romanticize skepticism and distract myself from […]

A Reflection on Black Identity

This is an article recently written for 1619 Consulting: a group focussed on raising discussion and measures for racial equity in the corporate world. I was a guest writer and did a reflection on a song by Our Native Daughters titled, “Black Myself.” While this blog is focussed on philosophy, I am an Americana fan, […]