My name is Mac and I am a student of philosophy. My primary intention with this blog is to discuss the world of ideas within the subjects of philosophy, media and ideology, as well as where they intersect. My other intention is to use WordPress as a sort of public database for storing a timeline of my opinions on certain topics. I want to hear others’ thoughts and to share my own on current events. I encourage any readers to consult and correct me on posts regarding these topics. I would like to show the relevance of philosophy today and demonstrate how important it is to aiding the endeavors of people at an individual level.

You will see that my earliest posts are academic projects for a class I had while in my final year of undergraduate studies in 2019. I sort of hijacked this domain to make it into something new. While I am still refining this blog, to some extent I want it to be a mess. I want this to be a janky extension of my ego. While empirical and logical methods for obtaining information are an end I reach toward, part of incubating pragmatic ideas is creating a platform to showcase and test one’s raw thoughts, hopefully refining them over time. I want this to be a real-time ideological log of myself for others to prod.

Tips for using my blog:

Posts under the Opinion and Poetry categories are all my own.

NOT ALL POSTS ARE MINE: My goal is that some posts will be yours. The homepage shows all posts with the latest at the top. Use categories or the search-bar to hone in on a subject (There’s not much to look at yet). I want to begin curating articles on subjects that I care about, whether or not I disagree with the stance of a given post.

Check out my blogroll on the left-hand sidebar for some blogs I support. Some philosophy, some not.

If you wish to post content on my site, let me know via the contact page, and I will see about making you a contributor.

All of the views expressed in this blog are subject to your criticism. I have bad ideas. Probably more than good ones. If you see content of mine that is worth critiquing, it is at your discretion that something can be changed. That is why I made this blog: to be criticized by the views of the lay-philosophical community in my own space (forums and reddit got old). Thanks for visiting!