Compassion: After the Fall

Alive After the Fall
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—- living in fear has the advantage of having everything makes sense to you. Unfortunately, having everything makes sense to you does not mean that you are making sense.

We should have compassion for those so afraid of reality. because, ultimately, fear really leads to madness. And if there’s anything that we’re finding out about mental health and psychological wellness, then we’re going to have to face some hard facts about what it means to be mentally compromised. And these hard facts are going to have to be addressed with compassion, not with condemnation.


I think it is increasingly obvious that human beings are able to believe almost anything.

Also, I think if there is any sort of failure that can occur for modern democracy it will come because of this ability to make sense. And this ability to make sense for some people will commandeer The sense that the system holds in place; namely, that we always hold a reserved space for the possibility of people believing what they will. That is, a space for discussion and negotiation no matter how political the views appear to be.

If people merely believe what makes sense to them without holding open a space for some things to make sense to other people, a sense that is different, when all we have is chaos and stupidity. We have the base human being. We have ignorance and darkness posing as enlightenment.

I think the issue then is for those who do see the benefit in holding space open for other people, is when to Partition off that space. To shut down that voice because that voice now has become literally, actually, a Voice of spreading ignorance as though it is true.

The main issue is where do we draw the line.xx

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