i don't see color.
i see myself
anchored in ego.
it will fade.
my memory will fade.
my manhood will fade.

anger always subsides,
just as any flame does.
and happiness is short-lived too.
same as a beer,
Relegated to a bottle. 
same as a joint,
Relegated to a roach.
same as love,
Relegated to the death of lovers.

i couldn't see color
even if i tried.
certainly if i am to be honest
about the way i experience Reality.
if you see color,
you don't
see me.
what use are eyes?
what use a brain?
what use is a part of me
without the whole?
what use am i
without Compassion?

you see,
Compassion can grow.
in Compassion there is
stillness and sustenance.
hatred burns itself out at some point.
same as despair.
a fist through a wall,
a gun to a head.
you see,
i don't see color.
that does not mean i'm blind to those who do,
and what they do.
but i suppose i'll play the game
until i tire of it,
or it burns out.

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